Dining Room

The dining rooms serve as a central gathering place in most homes. It is where most of us organize festive dinners or nearby gatherings. In order to achieve the right kind of feeling for these occasions, the right design and art often make a difference, especially when it comes to the best prices.


Bathroom Ideas

Classic and elegant, marble is always a good choice when it comes to bathroom decor. It's timeless, it adds value to your property, and it's really, really pretty.

However, marble comes with its downsides: mostly, maintenance. Marble has to be sealed yearly and cleaned regularly to avoid stains, scratches and moisture damage. But if you can handle the work, the results are worth it: an elegant and classic bathroom that will stand the test of time



Nothing quite like the beauty and elegance that marble, granite, quartz brings to a kitchen. Of course in the kitchen is nothing new, but lately we've been seeing new and different ways to use, showing up in more and more modern kitchens.