Marble is desired by architects and interior designers, it is unique, both for its natural beauty and for its resistance. Very practical and adaptable to all types of surfaces, since it perfectly withstands humidity and sudden changes in temperature, it has been used in buildings and constructions for a long time, bringing class and majesty to the place where it is installed. The marble, at present, is generally used for kitchen and bathroom covers, as well as floors, all thanks to its strength and durability.


Granite It is hard, withstand loads, rubbing, and it is also highly resistant to stains. Its waterproof capacity is unique, being able to be cleaned with liquids without inconveniences, and eliminating the possibility of fungi or molds due to humidity. It has an extremely low porosity, does not accumulate dirt and is maintained only with the passage of a cloth or brush. That is why it is the most chosen material for the coating of kitchen countertops and bathrooms, although its use in floors is exemplary.


Quarz is one of the hardest materials on Earth. Its porosity is zero and its texture prevents bacteria from developing, it is resistant to stains, protecting the health of your family and achieving a simpler cleaning. In addition to the durability provided by quartz, the aesthetics of the material and its variety of colors attract attention. The options offered by quartz are almost unlimited as the colors range from white, black and brown to gold and blue. The design of a quartz countertop will not only endow your kitchen with personality but will provide a performance that exceeds traditional materials.